A pond can easily transform any conventional backyard into a relaxing oasis. Ecosystem ponds work with nature, not against it, to provide an all-natural, low-maintenance piece of paradise. Each component of the ecosystem pond plays a key role in keeping ponds balanced, clean, and clear. Fish, for example, make great pets and are an integral part of any ecosystem. Plants are another key component, providing color and texture, while helping to balance the entire pond ecosystem.

Small 8x11 Pond_01

Small Ponds

The smallest of all our ponds allows for all of the perks of owning an ecosystem pond, while remaining the most budget friendly.

Starting size:  7ft x 10ft

Medium Ponds

This optimal sized pond is fantastic for pond lovers and is perfect for introducing a wide variety of plants and fish.

Starting size:  14ft x 14ft

Medium 11x16 Pond_03
Large 21x26 Pond_03

Large Ponds

As the focal point of any outdoor space, this large body of water right outside your doorstep will be brimming with wildlife, lush plants and captivating waterfalls.

Starting size:  14ft x 20ft

Recreational Ponds

Immerse yourself in pristine water. Surround yourself with commanding boulders and beautiful wildlife. A recreational pond is the ultimate experience for pond lovers everywhere! Fun for the entire family, a recreation pond is the pinnacle of living the Blue Lotus Waterscapes lifestyle!

Starting size: 25ft x 25ft x 4ft

20190818 - Blue Lotus Waterscapes - Recreational Pond