Often used to add a whimsical touch, create a focal point or add water movement to existing landscape, ponds and patios, Fountainscapes bring the element of water to virtually any location on your property. You can create instant curb appeal with the addition of a standalone fountain, bubbling rocks or a trio of beautifully crafted urns.

Pagoda Fountain Rocks_01

Bubbling Rocks

A fantastic choice when space is limited, but a touch of running water is desired.

Basalt Columns

Enjoy the look and feel of real stone columns and the tranquility of watching water cascade beautifully over this unique fountain.

Mongolian Basalt Columns_01
Scalloped Urn_05


One of our most popular fountains, urns come in three different styles and a variety of sizes. We can incorporate a couple of mini scalloped urns into a larger fountainscape as a decorative touch, or you can choose a large stacked slate urn as the centerpiece of your dream oasis - at almost 5 ft high, it is sure to impress!


Spillways are a great way to add water movement to any water feature. Choose from a variety of styles. Our ever-popular spillway bowls and spillway walls, can stand beautifully on their own, as well as be skillfully incorporated into a variety of other water features.

Stacked Slate Spillway Wall_03
Stacked Slate Sphere night shots111


Available in three sizes, these fountains are ultra modern with a natural slate feel.